BRAVE Participates in the Acre Homes Complete Communities Design Workshop

Last Saturday, the BRAVE team participated in the Acre Homes Complete Communities Design Workshop. Complete Communities is a City of Houston initiative geared towards improving neighborhoods and communities so all Houston residents and business owners can have access to quality services and amenities. Acre Homes was one of the five neighborhoods included in the workshop’s program.

A variety of topics were discussed during Saturday’s community meeting / design workshop; the participants were strategically divided into nine groups to discuss subjects like use of public spaces, housing, and economic development. Our group was tasked with developing a plan to re‐purpose Bethune Academy’s current building. The school is scheduled to relocate next year and it’s existing building is anticipated to be left vacant. Our team presented two schematic concepts that we hope will help the community make a strong case for repurposing the building into an asset for the neighborhood’s development.

To find out more about Houston’s Complete Communities initiative, check out their website here.