A Brief History

BRAVE/architecture was founded by Fernando L. Brave, FAIA in Houston, Texas in 2002. The firm provides high-quality custom design, innovative technology, and methodical construction detailing. Functioning as a multi-disciplinary firm, it focuses on Cultural, Civic, Commercial, Educational, and Residential projects. The collaborative working style of the firm has resulted in its work being recognized by prestigious publications, as well as by many local, state, and national design awards, including many by the Texas Society of Architects and the American Institute of Architects.

In 2018, the American Institute of Architects, Houston, recognized BRAVE/architecture as Firm of the Year for its unique practice model and outstanding body of work.

Who We Are

BRAVE/architecture upholds a culture of distinctive inspiration and is recognized for its innovative design. Maintaining an authentic “architecture studio” philosophy gives rise to creative excellence and sets BRAVE/ as a leading design firm in the region. BRAVE/ works with clients who value architecture as a way to enhance the environment and to make their experiences unique. Our core mission is to provide tailored architectural solutions aligned to our clients’ specific needs.

Over the span of diverse projects, we have extended our expertise and knowledge in the process of creating space, form and place. We have learned to exalt beauty from economy of space, available resources, context, and building form. The challenges presented by a wide range of project types pushes us to stay ahead of new technologies and design strategies for each challenge. Cross-pollination between different market sectors allows the firm to cultivate a wider range of knowledge from which to draw more informed solutions.

What We Do

The firm offers an array of services, including full architecture/engineering consulting for new buildings, renovations and adaptive reuse. Programming, Space Planning, Master Planning and Interior Design are also among the services provided to our clients. Our in-house team delivers all of the firm’s services while required engineering specialties are provided in collaboration with the best companies in the region.

Studio Philosophy

Members of the firm’s leadership staff each project. The firm’s Principals are responsible for planning and directing every project that comes out of the studio. This ensures that everything done in the office reflects the firm’s design and service philosophy.

The firm’s unwavering commitment is to deliver optimal solutions. In addressing the specific needs and concerns of the clients, we sensibly respond to their means and the resources of the region their projects are located. The meticulous assessment of relevant opportunities on many of our projects has mobilized us to render extraordinary results. The buildings we design are the result of a thorough understanding of the purpose they must serve, the functions they must facilitate and the materials with which they will be built. We always seek to realize buildings and environments that perform, inspire and transform communities.

Encompassing values of humanity, lasting sustainability and efficiency in the use of space and materials, BRAVE/architecture’s work is characterized by a strong conceptual approach with the most rigorous detailing. Along our drive for design functionality, there lies a corresponding passion for the aesthetic qualities of our projects. To avoid falling into trendy stylistic propositions, we follow the tenets of modern architecture and apply answers that provide our buildings a sense of classic timelessness.

We are committed to deliver durable designs aligned to the mission of our clients, which reinforces their brand and brings value and joy to their users. We produce projects that carry the signature of the Client and their mission. We achieve success when our buildings convey purpose and instill aesthetic pleasure.