New Horizon Family Center



          “The New Horizon Project stands for what is best in architecture today; the inventive use of modest materials and forms, resulting in an original work of contemporary architecture that acknowledges its vernacular legacy and sense of place.

          —David Brininstool, Brinistool+LynchPrincipal, Chicago & 2009 AIA Houston Design Award Juror

The 9,600 SF Center serves the needs of those escaping abusive relationships and was a joint project between the Harris County Community and Economic Development Department and New Horizon Family Center.

The center’s layout is divided into two main structures and is oriented around a garden cloister. The administration building includes a communal area with a large kitchen, conference room, and offices. The dormitory building has a children’s playroom that opens onto a private outdoor play area separate from the central garden. The dormitory structure is further divided into two pods. This separation creates a tertiary courtyard which allows natural light into each of the 12 bedrooms.

The central courtyard is comprised of four large boulders set within a rock garden. A Monastery bamboo tree placed near the corner will eventually grow to a height of 30’ and accent the courtyard with greenery and shade.