AIA Houston’s 2017 Gingerbread Build-off

This past Saturday, the BRAVE team participated in AIA Houston’s annual Gingerbread Build-off. Having taken home the Grand Prix de Show in 2016, we felt the pressure to come up with a unique concept that spoke to our design aesthetic while also having a feeling of playfulness throughout (and hopefully come home as back-to-back champions!).

Inspired by French landscape architect Yves Brunier and using pasta as our main ingredient, we created a pasta house and landscape that was unlike any of the other entries. We used two layers of gingerbread covered in frosting as the base, applied a layer of vanilla fondant on top, and used pushpins to meticulously create a grid on top of the entire surface. We then pre-measured a variety of pastas and hand-placed each in our surface grid to bring our unique vision to a reality.

The competition was tough and, unfortunately, we did not come home with the ultimate prize. We did, however, have a great time in the process! Thanks to AIA Houston for another knockout Gingerbread event.

Scroll through the gallery to see our team, our process, and final product!