4.22: An Earth Day Perspective | 
What Kind of Footprints Do We Want To Leave Behind?

It’s all Agritectural to Me

Love: our globe, design, architecture.

The combination of these elements moving us toward a more sustainable and healthier environment, enter: Agritecture.

After a day of heartbreaking scenes from Notre Dame in Paris and coupled with the consistent concerns of EPA news and assaults on the environment – the information download and resulting urge to ‘do something!’ to counteract the negative impacts can feel – well, overwhelming.

In an effort to take things down a notch and as we, the people, can all use a quick pick-me-up right now, I wanted to share these very uplifting concepts that individuals – and entire cities – are developing, even as you read this. So unplug to connect, and read on.

Agritecture is where creative scientists (also known as architects) work hand-in-hand with agricultural biotechs (otherwise known as farmers or people like me that just like to garden) to make creative spaces that offer multiple functions on top of their aesthetic appeal. 

A couple of months ago, The Guardian (see article) highlighted some very earth-positive ideas and jobs (overwhelmingly!) well-done. Houston alone has very specific issues when it comes to potential weather extremes, catastrophic flooding, lack of green space, and an increasing population. But there is another general and global opportunity to grow – literally, and not only above-ground.

Take a look, be uplifted, get inspired, and do something to support this April 22 Earth Day by creating a cleaner, more sustainable space – even if it’s just your own.

You know what they say…if you build it, they will grow.

ReGen Villages | Netherlands: A model for the development of off-grid ecovillages to power and feed self-reliant families around the world. A regenerative and reuse concept that uses the outputs of one system for the inputs of another, while combining a variety of innovative technologies such as energy-positive homes, energy storage, and water management



Urban Hives | Beirut: Artist Nathalie Harb proposes food-growing plots for parked cars. Low-cost and easy to construct, the platforms provide shaded parking (prime real estate) and spaces to grow food and congregate in the heart of a city – this one in Beirut. Houston, take note!


Edible Education | Berkeley, CA: Thank you Alice Waters.


Buzz Building | Taipei: Last but not at all least, a conceptual insect farm and safe space for endangered bees, called the BuzzBuilding, to be built in the Taipei Ren-a-Circle roundabout offering over 10,000 square meters of farmable surface. Concept by Belatchew Arkitekter.

Buzz Building – Night View

Buzz Building – Bee Habitat