Houston Police Memorial Guard Post


The Memorial Guard Post was created to house volunteer officers as they provide around-the-clock supervision of the Houston Police Memorial, just off of Memorial Drive. The post is unique in that it establishes a visible connection to and interaction with the visiting public, drawing awareness to the memorial, its mission, and the heroic officers its presence represents.

Placed within the floodplain adjacent to Buffalo Bayou, this sturdy, 250 SF structure was designed to provide resistance to damage from flooding while allowing floodwaters to enter the building. In addition to utilizing flood-resistant materials, all internal equipment was elevated in order to withstand the very common, prominent floods along Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive.

The building was strategically-oriented on the site to take advantage of multiple viewpoints, providing visual connections to the memorial, the surrounding site, and the city’s skyline beyond. As a result, the design provides a secure facility for the officers and a gateway to the memorial. Visitors approach under a continuous folding plane of concrete that begins from ground level, wraps over the guard post, and terminates with framed, elevated views of the memorial.