Sorensen Barn


The Sorensen Barn is an 8,000 SF structure programmed for numerous functions to aid in the working of the surrounding 280-acre ranch as well as being a respite deep in the property, away from the main house.

The barn is situated on high ground surrounded by lower fields that are occasionally overrun with flood waters from a creek to the south. The first floor is devoted to the storage of farm equipment, three horse stalls, a tack room, and a 1,000 SF wood shop. The second floor is divided into a hay loft and a small apartment. The apartment overlooks the views of the countryside with a large porch on the end allowing views in multiple directions. The porch can be closed off by louvers securing the space while the owner is away from the ranch. These louvers are also part of a bi-fold canopy system that can then open and provide the porch with shade awnings.