Miller Outdoor Theater New A/V Booth + Seating Renovations


Our firm upgraded the Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston’s foremost outdoor theater for the performing arts, by modifying the covered seating layout and designing a much-needed, permanent A/V booth. Additional improvements to the complex were achieved by re-grading the hill’s lawn seating area to maximize viewing opportunities, adding a new irrigation system, and improving overall drainage.

Under the main canopy, the concrete was resurfaced with a slip-resistant material and new seats were installed to improve accessibility and comfort for the audience. The number of seats was increased to 1,708, allowing the Miller Outdoor Theatre to offer covered seating for their shows to a larger audience.

The hill, originally created with dirt from Fannin Street excavations, was raised to increase the public’s visibility to the stage. New pedestrian and accent lighting was installed along the access pathways. The scope of work also involved the delicate coordination of removing and storing the sculpture Atropos Key during construction and reinstalling it after the project was completed.