Alicia Islam

Architectural Designer

Alicia is a native Houstonian who graduated from the University of Houston with a minor in Energy in Sustainability in 2016. Since graduation, she has worked on various education projects that focused on innovating the learning environment.

In her final two semesters of school, she participated in a studio with Thom Mayne of Morphosis, with one semester consisting of working out of L.A. at SCI-ARC. Her project focused on a multi-phased masterplan for a flood-prone area and creating a park for Houston that would address housing, commerce, and recreation to give more stability to the people of the area. Alicia also focuses on fabrication and continues to keep up with the latest trends with focuses on parametric design, CNC fabrication, and 3D Printing.

She has a focus in urbanism and applies many of its same principles and elements in architecture. She believes that design is for the people and that architecture should be a reflection of the way an individual will feel and interact with the space.

In her free time, Alicia is either gardening with her cats, Gatsby and Knick-Knack, traveling, or immersing herself in music and culture.