New Buildings / Renovations / Adaptations / Rehabilitations / Programming

Space Planning / Interior Design / Furniture / Finishes

Master Planning / Conceptual Planning / Feasibility Studies / Site Utilization




One of the firm’s initial steps is to clearly understand the client’s needs and the unique characteristics of each project. Special attention is given to the project’s site, the nearby environment, and the user’s requirements. Multiple site visits will lead the team to develop a site-conscious design solution.

The initial stages of design are critical because during such early stages all goals will be set and all parties will have the greatest opportunity to make the biggest contribution to the final design solution. Through several brainstorming sessions between designers, clients, consultants and contractors, the design will be developed and refined. We believe that getting our clients actively involved as part of the design team will allow us to provide the best possible solution.

Great attention to detail, structural integrity, engineering systems, and building technology is given to all projects. Beyond the design and documentation phases, we can assist our clients from bidding through construction administration to ensure that the built product meets the design criteria and our client’s expectations.



BRAVE / Architecture has LEED® accredited professionals that work with third-party commissioning agents throughout the design process to design buildings to the designated LEED® standards. The use of conservation as a design tool is not only responsible and sustainable, but also enhanceable in that the building experiences its environment just as its users experience the building. B/A recognizes that the relationship between context and building is quid pro quo.

Our firm has spearheaded various sustainable initiatives such as coordinating work that lead to the Houston Community College passing a resolution to pursue LEED® certification on future projects. B/A also coordinated LEED® certification efforts on HCC’s $151 million Capital Improvement Building Program (CIP) and designed an $8.1 million school that will be LEED® certified. Fall 2010 marked the completion of the Houston Texans YMCA which achieved Gold LEED® Certification.